Friday, 27. May 2011 offers sex education

True to the motto: „Everything you always wanted to know about sex, but were afraid to ask“ presents a new interactive show called „All about sex“.

The married couple Titus Steel and Jasmine la Rouge share their professional experiences as actors and also allow an insight into their private love life. They give tips and tricks about sexual pleasure.

There are erotic fantasies and sexual practices, which will never be put into action because people don´t know how to do it right or are afraid to talk about it with their partners. Exactly here Titus Steel and Jasmine la Rouge want to help the Saboom users, answer questions and wipe out insecurities.
With a friendly wink of an eye they present theoretically and practically various themes all about sexuality and obviously have a lot of fun doing it. They talk about topics like sex in the car, sexpositions, toys, deep throat, premature ejaculation and more.

With the show „All about sex“ Saboom offers his users the opportunity to inform themselves about various practices, maybe improve their sexlife and enjoy sparkling eroticism at the same time.
The users can decide, if they wanna see the theoratical or the practical explainations from a female or a male point of view. For those who need no „coaching“, the actors of course offer a lot of high quality x-scenes, which make the hearts of adult entertainment fans beat faster.